Yes! We are preparing hand rubbing alcohol.

My shop has rubbing alcohol at the front desk and toilet.

The other day, a customer from Wales came,
He said.
“Oh! Japanese Omotenashi, isn’t it?”
“Yes, we have alcohol for hand sanitizing.”

Brits immediately joke everything.
But , not too bad. I think.

We hope that a new coronavirus drug and vaccine will be developed
as soon as possible.

Foreigners looking for a hair salon in Sagamihara or Machida.

Nice to meet you !
Foreigners living in Japan.
The people who live in Kanagawa.
The people who live in Sagamihara.
The people who live in Machida.
The people who spend it for boredom every day.
I open a hair salon in Sagamihara, Sagamiono.
We doesn’t have any scissorhands.
but,We use scissors made in Germany( There is not the sense of the laughter, but is simple and sturdy).
and We use scissors made in Japan(Anything is cut well)too.
How is the life in Japan?
It is Japanese unique feelings to feel that
I am beautiful to see the Autumn dead leaves.
I call the thing “quiet simplicity” Sabi.
The young people say ” Shibui “.
Do not you try “Shibui-Haircut”, too?
But I do not get the responsibility
even if it is said “Too cool!”.
I ask for a click and the haircut by a self-responsibility.
OK, with courage, I will talk on the telephone in “i-style”!
If you cannot speak Japanese, with “Toshi, Toshi”, let’s cry.
If it is a too big voice, it may be hung up.
But please try it.
I wait for the telephone of the reservation from you.
In the world love and peace!( But I am not Bill Gates.)
Prices are usually cut 3,800 yen or more.
Male cut 3,700 yen or more.
Hair color 5,000 yen or more.
Permanent (belonging to a cut, finish) 9,000 yen or more.
As for the first visitor, 10% becomes inexpensive.
The cut in particular becomes inexpensive more than 10%.
In addition, I give the service ticket which 900 yen discount from 100 yen every time.
hair salon i-style
Joy Sagamiono the 1st floor,
Sagamihara-shi minami-ku,
* There are a big wicket and a small wicket at Sagamiono Station.
* Please go out of the small wicket.
* If leave the small wicket; the immediate right. Go ahead through the end to the left and go down the stairs.
* There is the exit of the station which you see of the poplar (a convenience store) before eyes.
* You watch a poplar (a convenience store) in the front and You go to the left and,
along a track, walk (about54yd; about 50m).
* Because You face with the fence of the parking lot under the Yaguchi overpass,
turn to the right (about32yd; about 30m).
* The first floor of the apartment of the corner is ” hair salon i-style”.
* From the exit of the station to a shop” hair salon i-style”, it is about 2 minutes on foot.
* It is very near from Sagamiono Station.
* english speaker hair salon in sagamihara,sagamiono & machida.
* english-speaking salon sagamihara,sagamiono & machida.
telephone : 042-740-5105
Please say that “I want to talk with toshi”
“toshi! toshi!” if you cannot speak Japanese.
i-style representative ” TOSHI “


IMG「You can enjoy the performance of the beautician who wants to pursue more beauty.」

@ Open space of the first floor
on September 23, Tuesday 
start from 10:45 a.m.
Performer from the hair salon of much Sagamihara.
and more, beauticians of Yamato, Ayase, Atsugi participate, too.


Excellent, if you say it “DEMOB ・ XLNT” was.

I wore it anywhere anytime.
I wore this and went to Edinburgh.
I went to Liverpool.
I went to York.
I went to Loch Ness.
I went to the Isle of Wight.
I went to Wag club in soho.
Of course I went to Brighton.
It seems to be mods!
I lived in London during 88 from 86.
It is this jacket to have bought first in London.
I found it with clothes chest.
I think that these are very stylish.
I think that they are very cool, very Mod’s(Ha-ha!).
surprised !.
It was very cheap. 1986.
and・・・・・I found the paper bag.
It seems to be really OTAKU.